Business Development

The firm specializes in finding new strategic partners, resources and markets for foreign companies in the US or vice versa and developing and closing opportunities as an extension of your senior management. Our relationships and marketing/sales prowess ensures your ability to navigate through and succeed in executing on strategic business objectives quickly and efficiently.

Marketing and Social Media

Ashwood Opportunities offers a proven, globally recognized team to help grow your business in new markets, channels, mediums and venues. We can help you translate existing conventional merchandising and sales onto the Internet and develop your customer following, loyalty and experience through social media. We can help you accelerate strategic growth and sales as a seamless extension of your senior management team.

C-Level Business Services

Our talent has performed successfully at the highest level of private and public companies. We offer discrete and seamless resources who seek to help define the mission, execute successfully and move on; leaving your team stronger and more capable of sustained growth and achievement.


The firm helps you identify and work successfully with investment banks, venture capitalists and other financial resources. We facilitate your understanding and fulfillment of management, performance, investor relations and public relations expectations, to help maximize successful outcomes.

Business and Life Coaching

Our advisors have “walked in your shoes” and succeeded in executing at the highest levels of their expertise. We know how to translate those experiences into real world, practical strategies, tactics and recommendations that help you strengthen management performance. You can develop and sustain next level results and grow critical skills and relationships with proven techniques, methodologies and processes. You can maintain a successful corporate cultural and scale it with your growth.